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  • Hi,Respected and  Dear Friends,May i have your kind accompany please for the promotion of Peace with the "GPP- Garden Of Peace Promoters" Anitiated by "Journalist4Peace" (i)Please join hands with me,so,LETS RELEGATE WAR IN THE DUSTBIN OF HISTORY.LETS BEAT TERRORISM & PROMOTE PEACE TOGETHER  WITH  "GPP-GARDEN OF PEACE PROMOTERS.It's my honor to  start "GPP-Garden Of Peace Promoters" (GPP is a great inspiration)

  • Today while perusing my usual music blogs I stumbled upon an incredible compilation; a compilation in many ways, that is.

    Many of my favorite singers have come together and created an album of covers songs by the Joanna Newsome, another one of my favorites. 

    Songs by Joanna Newsome being covered by incredible singers in order to make a charity album downloadable with a donation to Oxfam = an incredible way to raise money and an interesting way to engage a new niche of people in donating. 

  • The blight of worldwide economic crisis has prompted European Parliament to vote in favor of capping EU banker bonuses, 625-28. Excessive pension payouts will even fall under new guidelines. Associated Press reports indicate that any such short-term cash bonuses within the next year will be subject to the decision. It's a move the European Union hopes the rest of the world will follow in kind.

  • The message of environmentalism is one that is, at best, controversial in the United States. You will find times it can be very tough for making a decision on exactly how environmentally friendly you want to be. The options seem almost endless at times. If you really want to be "environmentally friendly" the first thing to do is stop beating yourself up. Choose one thing, and make small changes.

    The problem with environmentalism


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