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    Do a favor, give someone a break, offer help before it's asked for. Move the world around you and it will continue to move. Paying it forward is good work, personal work. Pass it on. Tell others to do the same. Share your stories on your My Power of Peace page or email us at  and we will tell your story.OUR UNIVERSE IN MOTIONPay It Forward means pushing it forward and you can do it with your own PIF card to give to those on the receiving end. Download our PDF now and print a sheet of wallet sized notes that say ... READ FULL STORY

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Back to School

Education is key. The jails of the world are not filled with college graduates. Extremism too is fueled by ignorance. It is the people that can think, reason and solve problems who reject crime, violence and extremism and have ...

2009-05-21 14:28


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