Over the past months, I, together with a small group of people have been working to build the Power of Peace. Our goal is simple: to galvanize a single strand of the global DNA -- the hundreds of millions of people around the world desperate to change the current status quo.

Through a newly created paradigm that we have dubbed Social Interactivism, we will address the growing global challenges of ethnic, religious and political conflict working together to create a spirit and sensibility that refuses to say “peace will never happen”. We realize that it is no small task to try and change the world but if not us, who? If not now, when?

On September 11th, I lived 5 blocks from the World Trade Center and on that day American Airlines Flight 11 flew directly over my building. Hearing an insane, screeching noise, I rushed to the window and watched in disbelief as the first plane flew into the North Tower. I had a front row seat to the horrors that unfolded and saw things that are forever embedded in my soul.

Immediately following the attack, I had the privilege of working at Ground Zero for 6 weeks. I can unequivocally confirm that the pictures and footage seen on television and in the newspapers could not and did not begin to tell the real story of the destruction I saw. Nor could it convey the humbling and everlasting spirit and camaraderie of a neighborhood desperate to somehow “fix” what had happened.

The “red zone”, as it was called, became a place of infinite peace in a time of unspeakable horror. In the weeks that followed, I felt an inexplicable sense of responsibility. I knew I was about to embark on a very different life journey.

I have been witness to other atrocities in my life; I grew up under the apartheid regime in South Africa and at a very young age realized I was living at the expense of an entire nation. I was not an activist then. I spoke out softly against the injustice but I never stood up to try and change it. Instead, I left the country to look for opportunities in America. I ran away to find my own freedom. And have forever regretted that I did not do more.

Added are the sobering facts that we are close to a tipping point: from nuclear proliferation to genocide in Darfur, from global warming to the Middle East crisis, from human destruction in Iraq to human rights issues in China, Africa and across the world. There are ignorant groups all over the world who lack tolerance and respect for diverse cultures, extremists who hunger for domination and politicians who surrender to money and self interest. Our mission for the Power of Peace is to build a global democracy that provides people all around the world with a platform to strike out against the pervading sense of powerlessness we all feel.

Populations are galvanized by the intimacy and immediacy of the internet; they remain a huge force ready to be tapped, to be committed and to act. We intend nothing less than to make action a real currency turning Social Interactivism into a household word and a must-participate activity.

And as an umbrella portal for peace, the Power of Peace will provide a searchable network of related causes and organizations all in one place. I am not sure how one decides when the time is right to personally assume responsibility for world issues. I only know the time has come for me. I hope you will join us as we embark on this world-changing journey.


Sheryl Daija, Founder and CEO