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The Forgotten People of Korah in Ethiopia

Thu, 08/04/2011 - 09:03

While in Ethiopia recently, we visited an area known as Korah. It is impossible to put into words the extreme poverty that permeates each and every mile of Korah. One person put it that "it is the worst place on earth." The air doesn't circulate in Korah. There is no food in Korah. There is no housing in Korah. And perhaps most importantly there is no water in Korah.

What Korah is, is an expansive garbage dump that spans for miles and miles and is home to 10's of thousands of children and adults. Estimates put the number at around 70,000+. This garbage dump is the only source of "food" for the people who live in and around it.

As we got out of the van and looked around, all we could see were little heads popping up deep in to the dump. The sight, smell and eery quiet was suffocating. We stood very still with tears rolling down our face wondering how the world could ...

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Following a five-month stalemate, Lebanon's prime minister has finally announced his 30-member cabinet. News reports have concentrated on the representation of various religious factions. But there has been little attention to the fact that all 30 ministers are men. Recent Lebanese governments were dominated by men, but not to the total exclusion of women.